If you are in the SME Sector, indeed, there is huge excitement - as Indian economy is on a growth path. If you are owner of a small or a medium business unit, you must have found this to be very exciting, challenging and at times highly remunerative.

But, at times, it can be very burdensome and disturbing, when you face or have to make an important or critical decision. This is the time when you feel frustrated, you have no idea how to get to the next step. You feel panicky, nervous and you start doubting your own abilities and skill. You know what your business needs, but you don’t have the experience as to how to accomplish the goal.

At www.robeenghosh.com, we have gone through these experiences.


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Robin Ghosh has created and promoted many small & medium businesses from setting up a Colour Film Laboratory to setting up a Four Star Hotel.

Robin Ghosh is now offering his own Consulting Services to you in the form of a business Coach. In the role of business Coach, Robin will help you to fine tune what you know, assess your strength and weakness, map your talent and help you to realize your maximum potential. In your entrepreneurial journey, we all need a business coach to trigger and motivate, stamp what we know, and confidentially share needs and dreams.

Robin Ghosh has owned many businesses in the last 20 years from private television studio, multimedia unit, education, consulting. He currently owns INFOCOM, an information and communication company, in Kolkata.

Click here to schedule an appointment or call 9874192530


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